Why used designer items are great!

All about Glambags Market, Used designer items

Designer items are loved by many. Although not everyone can afford the price of a brand new item from the store.

Therefore used designer items are booming at the moment, and there is no longer a stigma attached to people purchasing second hand items.

The price of a designer handbag, for instance can dramatically drop in price on the second hand market and it can still be in pretty good condition because let’s face it if someone does purchase their dream handbag from a store they are going to look after it!

No wonder fashion conscious people are homing in on the used designer item market. And why wouldn’t they? They have nothing to lose. Hey, if you can get that designer bag that you have always wanted and get it at a fraction of the price then go for it!

Glambags Market offers buyers the chance to get their fave designer items at a much lower price than it would cost brand new. So check out our website and see if we have anything you like!



Here are a few of the used designer items we have listed on Glambags Market.



What can be sold on Glambags Market?


Well first off if you have read our first blog “What is Glambags Market?” you will know first and foremost all items need to be authentic designer items!

If your curious about what categories we have on our site then let me tell you:

  • Women
  •  Men
  • Kids
  • Handbags
  • Watches
  • Makeup and Beauty products

Who is Glambags Market?

All about Glambags Market, Used designer items

Glambags Market is a new online marketplace exclusively for authentic designer items.

Let me tell you how we began….

I have always loved designer items (especially handbags) and so I started buying and selling handbags a few years ago. I used sites such as eBay and others to sell my items and for a while it was fine, although I started to become frustrated with these sites.

These are some of the reason why:

  •  My items became lost within sites such as eBay
  • I did not want to have to send my items to companies before I could list my items
  • I found some buyers were just out to scam sellers out of their items (would you believe! I will go into more detail about this in a future blog)
  • On some sites buyers had lost all faith in sellers (even honest ones) due to the people selling fakes

I came to the realisation that somewhere was needed for people to sell their designer items. Somewhere where people could be trusted. A sort of online community.

And I came up with the idea for Glambags Market.

What sets us apart from the other designer selling sites I hear you ask….

Well our main difference is we allow our sellers to have complete control of their items. We allow our sellers to list their items themselves. Now don’t get me wrong, we don’t just allow anything to be listed on our site, we authenticate each item that is listed and anything that is found to be fake is removed immediately.

If you want to sell any of your beloved designer items or are looking to buy any designer items at lower prices then check out Glambags Market (www.glambagsmarket.co.uk)

We are a startup business and are always welcoming new users!Glambags Market